Tarpaulin from Goyalka Brothers - Affordable and Long-lasting
Tarpaulin from Goyalka Brothers - Affordable and Long-lasting

Other Products

These are made from waterproof cotton canvas cloth. The weight may range from 350 gsm to 450 gsm.

We also manufacture other varieties as per specific requirements.

Bulking Sheets
These are made of gray non-waterproof cotton canvas cloth. These are not fitted with any metal rings at the sides.

Postal Bags
These are manufactured from either gray or dyed cotton canvas cloth, or from jute canvas. The top is reinforced with a cotton/jute/nylon rope all around. The bags are fitted with MS rings at the top for tying.

Sizes may vary as per specific requirements.

Mail Bags
These are similar to postal bags but used for air mail. These are made from drill cloth. Usually it is blue in color.

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